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Pondering Digital Disconnection

Disconnect Digitally More Often and Reclaim your Time and Life

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” —Anne Lamott

By definition, to ‘disconnect’ has a generally negative connotation, meaning ‘to sever the connection of or between‘, but in modern times, it has an especially important and positive meaning. Due to our new reliance and in some cases addiction, to our digital devices, which tethers us to a vast world found at our fingertips, it is all to easy to slip into the abyss of clicks and distractions, that like Alice in Wonderland, can cause you to fall into the rabbit hole and get lost exploring an unknown world designed to hold your attention but in doing so, results in easily losing track of something very precious —  your time and moments of face to face emotional connection . To disconnect digitally is a good thing; powerful in fact, when it comes to reclaiming your time, to capture moments of solitude, which is harder to do in this since cell phones keep us ever reachable. But by selectively choosing to turn it off, creating healthy boundaries, gives you back your power to reconnect offline. In particular this offline disconnection time gives you an opportunity to do things like, spend time reconnecting with yourself, getting in touch with the world around you, reconnecting with nature and people you love. In these moments of disconnection, you can switch gears, taking yourself from the role of consumer to creator. We need to switch off more often. Constantly being a consumer and engaged with distractions is a double edged sword because while the digital world is not all bad; it has after all provided us with the power to access information, services and carry out tasks that in the past took up a lot of time but being online, is to consume. Consuming information, games, watching videos…. Taking time to be offline, we switch into creator mode. We revert to ‘being’. We create by imagining, engaging, lounging, enjoying leisure time, engaging in conversation, allowing ourselves to daydream, interacting with the natural world, creating moments and memories. A better balance of two reclaims your power over the devices that were initially designed to save us time, and to make life easier. Reclaim the power over your digital devices so that they becomes as they should be, tools to save you time so you can get back to enjoy more living.

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