Mission and Vision

They are called the Sunrise Affluent, and the Sunset Affluent.

They are EAT LOVE SAVOR®’s readers. Both traditional and modern, classic and disrupting. Together, they are changing the idea of what luxury is, and how it should be immersed into our lives.

They demand and search for deeper meanings of classic luxury while not sacrificing the discovery of innovation and play. They search for and savor the well sculpted travel experience, with unique, one of a kind food/wine pairings.

They also search for destinations where history still lives and exudes its soul in its sense of place. Our more mature luxury readers, the Sunset Affluent, still seek classical consistency, exclusivity, with often more conventional dimensions of the luxury travel and food and wine experience. This is the traditional, classic bandwidth from which the innovative ideas of the Sunrise Affluent evolve. One connects to the other, and EAT LOVE SAVOR® attaches to both.

Our readers no matter what the age, are creating contemporary taste evolutions, and are envisioning the world of luxury in terms of experience. The experience becomes the memory, and the memory becomes the legacy.

EAT LOVE SAVOR® is their legacy magazine, and as such, we realize the necessity of play, adventure, and great taste — all components of a new day, a new way of luxury living, that becomes the inheritance of all generations to come.