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Little Luxuries: Kusshi Improves the Makeup Bag

Kusshi makeup bag and brush holder - luxury lifestyle magazine - eat love savorLuxury is not always extravagant. Sometimes luxury is found in the simplest of things rending it luxurious simply because it makes life a little easier and more pleasant. Kusshi has achieved such a luxury/pleasure-principle with their brilliant redesign of the makeup bag, an ultimate makeup bag and brush organizer system.

“Cosmetics are very important to women,” explains Kusshi creator Jessica Parker. “Our beauty regime is a part of our identity and I for one, was tired of having to look less than my best when I traveled or when my workday went from day to night. I wanted all my makeup with me no matter where I was going and I wanted to find everything quickly and easily. ”

Inspiration for a New Design in Makeup Bags

Inspiration for Kusshi came while Jessica was traveling by train on return from a bike trip through the Rhine River Valley in Germany. The weekend was full of beautiful scenery, biking between castles and the Rhine for miles and miles but when it came time to go out for the evening there posed a problem – how was one to pack for days of athletic activity and nights of fine dinners? After many years of traveling using a myriad of different makeup bags, none that satisfactorily performed, all had joined one another in a sad pile in her closet. Frustrated, she resorted to using a practical, but far from fashionable gallon-size Ziploc bag. While wide enough to protect brushes, and items were indeed visible, easily replaced when it became dirty, however was not a fitting vessel for a woman of style and for protecting hundreds of dollars of makeup and tools. She was determined to create a solution and she decided she was up to the challenge to do so.

Kussi inside close up - luxury lifestyle magazine - eat love savorWhy Build a Better Makeup Bag?

Studies show that the average woman spends up to two years applying and $15,000 purchasing makeup in her lifetime. Aware of this, Kusshi and Jessica aim to keep those expensive makeup and brushes protected, clean and organized with bags designed to save women time on application and money wasted on broken or bent brushes and do it fashionably with a durable, well made bag. The bags are designed to be washable, keep contents organized and protected with compartments for every essential, including an eyelash curler shaped holder and compartments for wet or dry sponges.

KUSSHI PHOTO yellow dress - luxury lifestyle magazine - eat love savorAbout the Kusshi Bags – Fit, Form, Function & Fashion

After much research, Parker strategically aligned herself to design the bags in conjunction with Master Tailor Sophie Alasti of Munich and a European manufacturing team discovered through a top luxury brand manufacturing sourcer to ensure that the bags were very well made.

Many features adorn these bags, including zippered pockets for jewelry or lip balm and an organizer for brushes, pencils and lipsticks – plus a handy slot in the brush organizer to store a phone, charger, credit cards, ID or other makeup. There is a choice of fabric or leather, both with red lining, color choices of external and internal pieces / compartments include: Royal Blue, Black, Red, and Magenta Pink with mix and match covers and durable and versatile closures and high quality zippers that glide open smoothly. The bag flattens to show all makeup against a bright background which is ideal when searching for makeup especially in dimly lit rooms or night flights on airplanes. Cleaning up the bag is easy as they include a removable liner in the leather option, which is soft and supple – all together are a perfect combination to create a fit, form function and fashionable solution to makeup storage and toting problems of women the world over.

For more information or to obtain one of these fabulous bags exclusively from Kusshi, visit

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