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Irresistible Reads – Jaeger-LeCoultre Yearbook Ten The Art of Revealing the Unexpected

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In fine fashion once again, Jaeger-LeCoultre creates a feast for the eyes on the page melding photographic art and the beautiful expression of their fine timepieces.

Revealing the unexpected. This theme at the heart of the history and creation by Jaeger-LeCoultre is highlighted with a blend of subtlety and emotion through the stories featured in the tenth year of the Yearbook.

A Decade of Art Photography & 85 Years of Reverso

This edition celebrates a double anniversary: ten years of the publication and 85 years of the Reverso, the iconic watch from the Grande Maison. A volume packed with surprises in which photos and words enable us to view reality from a new angle.

For the past ten years, Jaeger-LeCoultre has been highlighting the art of photography in its Yearbook. For this special edition, the articles follow a guiding theme: revealing that which is not immediately apparent, that which surprises, just as the Reverso has been doing for 85 years by swivelling to show another face. The publication itself is unexpected, you have to flip it over to continue reading! A first section invites readers to explore countless hidden sides of life through attractive and disconcerting shots, while the second gives pride of place to the two faces of the Reverso by celebrating its Art Deco inspiration and then allowing pairs of artists to express these twin facets.

1931 Reverso Lady in yellow gold (3)_Yearbook TEN ©Laziz Hamani for Jaeger-LeCoultre - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine
1931 Reverso Lady in yellow gold (3)_Yearbook TEN ©Laziz Hamani for Jaeger-LeCoultre

Unexpected Perspectives

Photographer Georges Rousse rearranges derelict spaces in abandoned areas around
the world. Through his visual intervention, which involves playing with optical illusions
and perspectives, he conveys the unsuspected energy that can radiate from these

Seize the Invisible

Known for staging human desire, Guy Bourdin brings us closer through his pictures to
the object of our fantasies, invisible to the eye yet omnipresent in our minds. Through
a series of 1970s shots taken for the shoe designer Charles Jourdan, he pictures
women’s legs without the rest of the body, all the better to suggest the inaccessible.

Reflected Revelations

Reflections of oneself and the world in store windows, as a means of narrating a
culture, a history, the experience of a city. That is what Lee Friedlander delivers in his
series of black and white photos.

1931 Reverso in steel (4)_Yearbook TEN ©Laziz Hamani for Jaeger-LeCoultre - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine
1931 Reverso in steel (4)_Yearbook TEN ©Laziz Hamani for Jaeger-LeCoultre

Fortuitous Encounters

The works presented in this series embody the power of images and their evocative
strength in highlighting unusual associations.

Confessions of a Landscape

What happens to nature if electric pylons were to replace trees, if skyscrapers
invaded the mountains and tower blocks took the place of pagodas? Chinese artist
Yang Yongliang asks exactly that question in his photographs resembling magnificent
hallucinations, in which truth can be glimpsed behind apparently serene and tranquil

Overturning Gaze

In the reflections seen in the puddles of Kinshasa, Kiripi Katembo offers a new vision
of this incredible intense and sometimes violent city. Like a negative-image portrait,
these aquatic reflections become windows onto another place, a better reality.

1931 Reverso in steel (2)_Yearbook TEN ©Laziz Hamani for Jaeger-LeCoultre - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine
1931 Reverso in steel (2)_Yearbook TEN ©Laziz Hamani for Jaeger-LeCoultre


In the world of photography, taking a closer look at the ‘frame within the frame’
implies immersing oneself in the limits of the art, and even more so in that which lies
beyond it. This set of pictures provides an opportunity to do just that.

In the Light of Shadows

Viviane Sassen’s work reveals the infinite poetry of the shadowy part of humankind
and of nature, by providing us with knowledge of that which lies elsewhere and within

1931 Reverso Lady in yellow gold (2)_Yearbook TEN ©Laziz Hamani for Jaeger-LeCoultre - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine
1931 Reverso Lady in yellow gold (2)_Yearbook TEN ©Laziz Hamani for Jaeger-LeCoultre

Reverso 1931

The Art Deco inspiration behind the iconic Jaeger-LeCoultre watch and its links with
polo are visually represented by the photographer Laziz Hamani. Staged in lighting
inspired by their context and their history, they reveal the essence of the original
men’s and ladies’ models.

Positive Fusion

Jaeger-LeCoultre gave carte blanche to pairs of photographers to reveal unsuspected
facets of Reverso models and their world through images. Like the Reverso, with its
two inseparable faces, these pairs of artists associate their talent in unleashing their
creativity. This series of pictures presents an unprecedented imaging and interpretive
field through boundless imagination.

The Yearbook is available from Jaeger-LeCoultre Boutiques.

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