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Historical Chocolates: Debauve and Gallais

We all know the modern brand names of high quality chocolate makers but let’s look at some manufacturers of brands so old they have a historical connection!

Let’s visit Debauve & Gallais. On their website it reads: Sulpice Debauve, pharmacist of the King Louis XVI, opened in 1800 with his nephew, Mr. Gallais, a chocolate factory whose quickly rising fame made it the appointed supplier of the Kings Louis XVIII, Charles X and Louis-Philippe. Thus, for 200 years, they have been serving great men and famous names from all around the world.

Marie Antoinette and Napoleon Loved Them!

Their boxes are beautiful. The store front is gorgeous and there are some interesting historical figures and stories associated with these chocolates. Marie Antoinette, and Napoleon got their chocolates from this company. They also carry chocolates made with 99% cocoa and French chocolate is the least sweetened chocolate in the world!

The first chocolate they ever produced were the stunning chocolate coins to designed conceal Marie Antoinette’s medication since that was the only way she would take them. No longer filled with medicine as they are no longer chemists, these coin chocolates called ‘Pistole’ are still available. See them up-close and the interior of this historic shop, unchanged since the 1800’s.

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