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EAT LOVE SAVOR® magazine is editorial only and do not offer advertising

You might be wondering, why don’t you accept ads? In short, it’s because we value our independence. We value putting our precious time into creating something of lasting quality and beauty that feeds the mind and uplifts without pressure to purchase. We are a luxury media company that believes that luxury is a state of mind and a lifestyle choice; and we know there is more to life and luxury than acquisition.

When EAT LOVE SAVOR was initially conceived in the 1990s , and launched in 2010, I created it with a new standard in mind for a magazine. It was to intentionally step away from a commercial push in editorial and away from endless pages of advertising. It was to put love first, not commerce. It was to share my passion for true luxury, beauty, living well and the love of things that mattered to me: quality, connoisseurship, craftsmanship, interesting places, and people, great stories that inspire, appreciating beauty and the joy of living. Because luxury is both simple and complex, it was not always a marketing terminology or strategy – luxury, true luxury is a state of mind, an approach to living, a sensibility in how you live how you live.”

– Angela Tunner, EAT LOVE SAVOR® Founder, Editor in Chief and Publisher

We rely on our readers for their support. The biggest boost of support you can give us is buying our print issues and digital versions of print issues. These are very special high end luxury lifestyle magazines, unlike anything else you’ll ever see. They are coffee table magazines, bright lights, keepsakes, timeless immersive luxury escapes and that you can read again and again for years to come. Reading our print magazine is a tactile and luxurious experience.


Q –  I represent a luxury brand. How can I get my brand featured in the online magazine?

A – We work with luxury brands and their public relations and welcome story ideas. Luxury companies, brands and their public relations (goods, services and experiences) interested in appearing online or in the pages of our print magazine may contact our editorial department. All prospective editorial is first vetted to ensure it is fit for our editorial mandate and direction.

Contact Us: The options for contacting us are: 1) upload your press releases use our Luxury Press Release submission form or 2) directly contact the Editorial Department 


Q – I am a luxury expert and would love to share my insights with your readership as part of the editorial. How can I work with EAT LOVE SAVOR?

We welcome editorial from luxury experts. The kind of experts we are looking for are All experts are vetted to ensure a fit with our editorial mandate and direction. For more details click here.