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Discovering Europe’s best beaches: summer sailing in the Balearics

In the Balearic Islands, untethered nature meets deep-rooted cultural heritage. Nocturnal nightlife meets paradise-island tranquillity and an undulating coast boasts some of the world’s best beaches. That’s why when you rent a yacht in Spain, sailing the Balearics should be at the top of your adventure hitlist. Explore some of our favourite beaches, from the wild and rugged to the calm and tropical.

When sailing in the Balearics, begin with Ibiza… 

Serene and sun-drenched by day. Electric after dark. Sleepless Ibiza is the captivating jewel of the Balearics, drawing in party-seekers and sun-worshippers alike. Whether you’re here for the world-class DJs or show-stopping scenery, you’ll find what you’re looking for on one of Ibiza’s many beaches.

sailing in the Balearics Ibiza

The rise of luxury yacht charters in Spain and the Balearics mean that Ibiza has never been more beguiling. First, sail to Ibiza’s north coast and rise with the sun at Punta Galera. This secluded bay sees ethereal rock formations piercing the sea, forming flat sunbathing platforms or, for more adventurous visitors, natural diving boards. Jump into the ocean from the rocks. Join the yogis for their morning practice. Or simply marvel at these natural wonders from the deck of your luxury yacht.

Another Ibiza must-visit is Cala d’Hort. This sandy stretch is an arc-shaped paradise, with a total of three exquisite eateries. It also boasts the best views of nearby Es Vedrà island – shrouded in mystery and bountiful in wildlife, this small but striking island rises from the sea, and is the subject of much intrigue. Circle its shores on your yacht, or simply admire from afar – we’d recommend staying for sunset, where the island lights up in orange hues as the sun sinks into the sea. At this time, Ibiza really begins to wake up. After lounging the day away at a low-key beach, head to one of its iconic beach clubs to let loose.


Just half an hour from buzzing Ibiza, Formentera offers Balearic living at a more languid pace. Despite those who rent a yacht in Spain flocking from nearby Ibiza for day trips, this island is preserved and protected, meaning it fares well in the face of tourism.

sailing in the Balearics Formentera

Once you step foot on its pristine beaches, you’ll find it hard to believe you’re still in Europe. Translucent waters lap powder-white shores at Platja Illetes, giving it a distinctly Caribbean feel. On the east coast of this tiny island, an equally dazzling beach awaits – Platja Llevant is untouched and pristine, with shallow bath-like waters and impossibly white sands.


Wild, wonderful and seemingly undiscovered, Menorca feels a world away from its neighbouring islands. In 1993, the entire island was declared a Biosphere Reserve, preserving its rugged coastline and making it a must-see spot for those sailing in the Balearics.

sailing in the Balearics Menorca

Caló Blanc is small in size but big on charm. The crystalline waters in this hidden cove wash over its tiny patch of sand. But the rocks are what make this beach worth visiting. If you rent a yacht in Spain this summer, spend a day diving into the sea from the natural platforms, rising up to five metres above the water.

Backed by forest-cloaked cliffs and fringed by golden sands, Cala Pregonda is somewhere to truly unwind. Snorkel in its turquoise waters, or swim out to the small islands just a stone’s skim from the shore.

Cala Pilar is one of the Balearic island’s most striking spots. As it’s difficult to get to by foot, those venturing by boat have near-exclusive access to this beach. As you approach from the ocean, take a moment to take it all in – from the lush greenery and terracotta cliffs to the golden sands and azure waters. If you arrive early enough, the first footprints on the beach might be yours.


Mallorca is abundant in off-the-beaten-track beaches and secluded coves, with some of its best spots situated near Port d’Andratx. Head to Cala es Conills for translucent waters and breath-taking views out to the island Dragonera. Don’t miss the pretty, quiet cove of Cala Marmassen, perfect for diving.

sailing in the Balearics Mallorca

Get your culture fix and dock your yacht at pebble-clad Cala Deià, the crowning glory of the UNESCO-listed village of Deià. Bask on the rocks, swim out to sea or soak it all in from a rustic restaurant perched on the cliff edge. After a day of beach dwelling, meander through the town’s honey-hued streets and gaze out at the surrounding orchards, vegetable gardens and vineyards.

Sailing in the Balearics is an experience like no other. With our expert guide, you can discover some of the best beaches on these breath-taking islands, escaping the everyday.

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