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Discover: The Art of Taking a Bath

The fast pace of modern life begs a moment for pause. One of life’s pleasures is diving into a lovely, hot bath.

The Art to Taking a Bath

There is nothing more rejuvenating than slipping into its soothing waters. Beyond the act of cleaning oneself, the bath is more about the objective of becoming happy.

The artistry comes into play in the act of creating the perfect bath:

  • The art of mingling the hot and cold water to the perfect temperature.
  • Infusing the water with oils, bath salt to entice the senses.
  • Using terrycloth mitts to soap the skin
  • Soaping yourself with fine milled French soaps with heavenly fragrances
  • Adding the beauty of glowing candles to the room for an added experience
  • Enjoying a lovely glass of wine or champagne to enhance the glamour of the moment

Making bathing a part of your leisurely activities for pleasure and enjoyment to soothe the body, soul and revive the spirit.


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