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Discover Senti Fiori: Scent and Jewelry Form Unique Wearable Art Experience

Senti Fiori creates a unique work of art, bringing together artisanal talents in a celebration of luxury and eloquence.

The essence of Senti Fiori speaks to those who appreciate the timelessness and elegance of high quality craftsmanship and fragrance. Inspired by the purity and poise of the majestic lotus flower, this handcrafted, limited edition set is perfect for the woman who demands perfection.

Senti Fiori is an innovative, luxurious jewellery range which combines the delights of art and fragrance. Senti Fiori harnesses the power and influence of scent as it is related to memory. The combination of distinct scents and beautiful jewellery can be a part of what can be precious, memorable moments and experiences, which Senti Fiori creates for the wearer.

As well as being uniquely beautiful and fragrant, the Senti Fiori lotus set is an interchangeable system which can be worn a number of ways. The three different choker styles offer a range of ways to wear the lotus, depending on the occasion or the look you want to achieve. The multi-functional lotus can be worn as a clip on brooch on the wide leather choker, the wide silver collar choker and as a pendant on the thin silver choker.


The first concept and current set of these unique jewellery pieces, is inspired by the lotus flower. The lotus has meaningful symbolism, and depending on the colour of the lotus, each color has specific meaning. For example, the red lotus can represent ascension birth and enlightenment, or what some would consider to be new beginnings. Other associations include eloquence, purity and devotion.

What makes Senti Fiori unique?

The emanating perfume from the flower is a key features that sets apart Senti Fiori from any other jewellery. A bold statement is made with its unique, physical design but it also hits the senses and your mood with the addition of fragrance for a more olfactory experience. The fragrance is released with a slight twist of the lotus flower. You may use the original Senti Fiori fragrance, or select your own, or opt for no fragrance at all. Absorbent cotton pads are included in the set which are encased inside the flower, acting  as the carrier for the fragrance. A pair of fine tweezers is included in the set to help you prep and insert the cotton pads loaded with your perfume.

blankThe Senti Fiori Set

The set is made of 925 sterling silver and is made in collaboration with acclaimed silversmiths and jewellers. The Senti Fiori lotus set is created by hand, hallmarked and engraved in the United Kingdom.

The current set consists of:

• The lotus flower as the feature piece. The adorning flower features a coloured enamel and is embellished with Swarovski crystal, measuring approximately 5cm in diameter.
• A pair of lotus studs, matching the heart of the flower
• A wide collar choker: available in XS/M and M/XL
• A finer width choker: available in XS/M and M/XL
• A pair of tweezers for handling the perfume pads
• A beautiful perfume bottle
• A delicate round case to store the perfume pads

Limited Edition

The Senti Fiori flower sets will be produced in a very limited quantity. No more than 77 sets of per colour will be made (7 colors available) and each flower will have its own unique marking to indicate which edition it is. Colors available are

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