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Discover Ruffino Sparkling Rose Prosecco & Cocktail Recipes

EAT LOVE SAVOR Luxury Lifestyle Magazine - Ruffino sparkling roseRuffino, the iconic Italian winery founded in 1877, announces its newest offering; Ruffino Sparkling Rosé.

As one of the first Italian sparkling rosé wines in the U.S., this is a fresh and exciting addition to Ruffino’s sparkling portfolio, which features the hugely popular Ruffino Prosecco and Ruffino Moscato d’Asti.

“We’ve seen tremendous momentum within the Italian Sparkling Wine and Imported Rosé categories and Ruffino Sparkling Rosé brings consumers an in-demand wine from an authentic Italian brand,” says Scott Ehrlich, Ruffino’s Global Marketing Director. “Ruffino Sparkling Rosé responds to consumers’ excitement surrounding these two hot wine trends.”

For more than 130 years, Ruffino has been an iconic Tuscan winery offering a variety of wines from high-quality Chianti Classico DOCG to more contemporary sparkling Prosecco DOC. With an established reputation and portfolio, the winery sets the standard for Italian wines by balancing traditional roots with contemporary innovation.

Ruffino Sparkling Rosé is created in a crisp, extra-dry style, and comprised of predominantly Prosecco (Glera) grapes from the highly sought after vineyards within the Friuli-Venezia, Giulia and Veneto regions of Northeastern Italy, areas known for exceptional quality sparkling wine production.  Ruffino Sparkling Rosé is a beautiful pink hue with fragrant notes of strawberry, and hints of rose petals. On the palate, this wine has crisp, refreshing acidity and elegant bubbles, offering alluring flavors of red berries and white fruits that linger through the finish. Bright, aromatic and fruity, Ruffino Sparkling Rosé has a moderate 11% alcohol – perfect for every day enjoyment.

Prosecco is a white wine produced exclusively in northeastern Italy and is historically linked to the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene area.

The first written Prosecco wine reference dates back to 1772, when academic Francesco Maria Malvolti mentioned the quality of local winemaking (in the VIII volume of Giornale d’Italia), listing Prosecco among the cultivated varietals. Local growers gradually came to specialize in crafting Prosecco and it eventually became the focus of the area.

Prosecco and Glera Grapes

Grapes sourced for Ruffino Prosecco are from highly sought-after vineyards located in the northeastern regions of Italy, an area known for high-quality Prosecco production. All Prosecco wines are primarily produced from the Glera grape, an indigenous variety with origins in the northern Italian village of Prosecco, near Trieste. The Glera grape
gives the wine structure and body and is considered to be the heart of Prosecco wines, just as Sangiovese is the heart of Tuscan wines.

Prosecco DOC Certification

In August 2009, the Prosecco DOC (Certification of Controlled Origin) was established, putting strict standards of quality and production in place. The Prosecco DOC area is made up of nine provinces and two regions. Ruffino Prosecco is sourced from throughout the Treviso DOC region in Veneto (encompassing Valdobbiadene). The highest standard is DOCG, which encompasses a limited area of fifteen communes between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. According to the Prosecco DOC code of production, a Prosecco wine must be made with a Glera grape minimum of 85%. Ruffino Prosecco is made with 100% Glera grapes.

Vinification and Charmat Method

As with every sparkling wine, the production of Prosecco occurs in two stages. The first stage follows traditional white wine vinification process. The Glera grapes are blended from different Valdobbiadene areas to create a fruity, harmonious wine. The second stage involves the Charmat method—where, using selected yeasts, secondary fermentation (lasting between one and four months) takes place in pressurized tanks before the wine is
bottled under pressure. The Charmat method is well-suited for wines made from aromatic grape varieties since it preserves the character of the grapes, thus yielding fresh, fruity, and fragrant sparkling wines.

Ruffino Prosecco Cocktail Recipes

EAT LOVE SAVOR Luxury Lifestyle Magazine - Ruffino Prosecco Tuscan Cosmo
Ruffino Prosecco Tuscan Cosmo

The Ruffino Tuscan Cosmo

  • 4 parts chilled Ruffino Prosecco
  • 3 parts chilled cranberry juice
  • ½ part triple sec
  • Splash of lime juice

Combine triple sec and cranberry juice. Pour mixture into glass, filling ¾ full. Top off with Ruffino Prosecco. Finish with splash of lime juice.

EAT LOVE SAVOR Luxury Lifestyle Magazine - Ruffino Prosecco Sparkling Portofino
Ruffino Prosecco Sparkling Portofino

The Ruffino Sparkling Portofino

  • 4 parts chilled Ruffino Prosecco
  • 1 part pear nectar (or pear juice)
  • 1 strip of orange zest (no bitter white pith)
  • 1 strip of lemon zest (no bitter white pith)

Place two strips of zest into the bottom the flute. Pour pear nectar into flute, filling 1/3 full. Top off with Ruffino Prosecco.

Ruffino Sparkling Rosé, MSRP of $14.99, available nationally May 2016, in 750ML, exclusively

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