It was a chance meeting in the mid-1950’s that led to the beginning of one of Britain’s best loved and most revered flower shop – Pulbrook & Gould.

Society hostess, Lady Pulbrook and Constance Spry-trained florist, Rosamund Gould, founded a business in 1956 that electrified the establishment with its creative floral designs and set the pace for the future of the industry and continues to do so to this day. However, the story of Pulbrook & Gould is a quintessentially British one, springing from humble origins based firmly in the gardens of old England, before blooming into a brand with branches touching the furthest corners of the globe.

From Country Garden to Sloane Street

Marriage for Susan, to the renowned Sir Eustace Pulbrook, then Chairman of Lloyds, was a social whirl, with friendships and connections made all over the UK, Europe and the USA. Following his unexpected death, Lady Pulbrook turned to her long held passion for gardens and flowers, to help her recover. Always seeking new ideas, she chanced to meet a kindred spirit in the young, talented Rosamund Gould. With Rosamund’s technical ability and country estate connections, combined with Lady Pulbrook’s social contacts and entrepreneurial, creative mind, the fledgling business went from strength to strength: from basement business in Halkin Street, to the opening of a high profile store in London’s iconic Sloane Street a year later in 1957. Pulbrook & Gould became a destination for the most discerning flower lovers and flower connoisseurs.

Bespoke extra-large arrangement of peonies, sweet pea, ranunculus and tulips in crystal vase

Florists in High Demand

The brand quickly carved out a unique place in the halcyon days of swinging London. Anyone who was anyone wanted their event or home filled with Pulbrook & Gould’s flowers. From Debutante coming out balls at the most exclusive venues, to huge society and even Royal weddings, it was Pulbrook & Gould that were the first port of call for society ladies, hotel proprietors and the stars of the entertainment world.

Expertise in the Original, Exquisite and Rare

There was a good reason for this. With their unique connections, Lady Pulbrook and Rosamund Gould were able to source the most exquisite and rare British blooms from country estates from all around the UK. Whatever the season, they knew where the best flowers could be found, thanks to their extraordinary network of national garden growers, who supplied only them. It was this ability to offer an exquisite range of flowers and foliage, not available in the market, that enabled them to create breath-taking arrangements, never before seen in London. From transforming the ballroom at the Dorchester into a 17th Century garden, complete with elaborate fountain and hedging, to sourcing swathes of white English climbing roses for the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Kent, it was the innovative mix of flowers, foliage, berries and fruits, all sourced from private English gardens and the wild countryside, that cemented the brand’s reputation for originality.

Elegant & lush composition of white summer blooms in entrance hall

Embracing the Global Market

As the world opened up in the late 70s, through the 80s and beyond, Pulbrook & Gould did not stand still. It embraced the change and continues to do so, to meet the ever growing needs of a global marketplace. As the English garden growers made way for a more commercial type of grower from other parts of the world, which opened the flower market up, it continued to build ever wider connections across the various continents; always seeking the very finest blooms with which to bring its vision alive.

Design Philosophy Rooted in Heritage and Seasonal

Pulbrook & Gould’s design philosophy has remained true to its heritage; sourcing the best, seasonal flora and fauna, yet always maintaining a nod to its English roots wherever possible. For example, nowadays the very finest roses it sources may come from Colombia; however the only Sweet Peas Pulbrook & Gould will ever include in its designs come only from England, as these are the best in the world. It also continues to value and include even the most traditionally humble of flowers and plants in its designs – perhaps a little wild cow parsley or a branch of blackberries, or some simple herbs – as it knows these can be as important to a beautiful arrangement as a more showy bloom. It’s this attention to detail and design flair that helps Pulbrook & Gould stand apart from its peers.

Rosamund Gould retired in 1976, with the indefatigable Lady Pulbrook continuing at the helm, with the help of her sister-in-law Sonja Waites, until 2000, at the ripe old age of 94 years!

Still In Demand by Moguls, Aristocracy and Royalty

Pulbrook & Gould’s work is still much in demand – from members of the Royal Family and British and European aristocracy, through to high profile international business moguls, artists, designers, entertainers and many of Britain’s major institutions and businesses – all discerning clientele, seeking that special Pulbrook & Gould arrangement that can enrich their environment.

Today, Pulbrook & Gould remains at the beating heart of the globally admired London design scene, its boutique set within Thomas Goode, on South Audley Street. It is a visual spectacle, overflowing with exquisite flowers and foliage, embellished with an assortment of luxury flowers, both natural and silks, along with elegant vases and containers.

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