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An Ode to the Art of Living

We see luxury magazines and luxury lifestyle differently. We are a magazine unlike any you’ve ever seen… One with a love of beauty, elegance, intelligence and is a magazine for connoisseurs with discerning taste.

‘Luxury’ in our world means true luxury – which also encompasses the complexities of this business concept, to experience it a state of mind and a lifestyle choice. We look at luxury through the eyes of experts, and beyond acquisition because there is more to life than acquiring and magazines can be more than a platform linked to consumerism. There is much about luxury that is misunderstood and we are on a mission to showcase and celebrate excellence and promote better understanding of the true luxury lexicon. With your favorite beverage in hand, settle in for a bit of a read (or looking for info on how to purchase print issues? Skim to the middle of the page for the FAQ) and enjoy a glimpse into our world…

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust.

Join us on the voyage of discovery and let us help you develop new eyes…


Online Magazine, and Luxury Print Magazine On-Demand

EAT LOVE SAVOR® International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine is the high end magazine for the connoisseur with discerning taste who seeks out to add to their successful life, more elegance, beauty, discovery, meaning, because success grants you a choice to live life beyond the ordinary.

EAT LOVE SAVOR® is more than our name, its a Mantra. EAT LOVE SAVOR® is an invitation to embrace the beauty of life. We believe that luxury is a state of mind and approach to living.

Zeitgeist of the affluent human experience. We’ve built for Connoisseurs a place to escape – an oasis of the gentler side of true luxury, focused on connoisseurship, appreciation and the ‘Art of Living‘. Because reading EAT LOVE SAVOR® is your private utopia and a totally immersive luxury experience, an wonderland from page to page, devoid of interruption, free of focus on consumerism that enchants and welcomes you with great timeless articles, gorgeous imagery with a positive and uplifting tone.

The big secret about magazines we all know but no one talks about, is that they exist as a means to get people to read ads and to drive more eyes and clicks. We did not want to be a part of that which was designed solely as a mechanism of consumerism. We were founded because we wanted to create a publication that was passionate about exploring the subject of luxury more in-depth and a more loving expression of luxury, beauty and meaning, so we created an immersive, curated and uninterrupted experience designed to enchant, educate and inform.

Some of the fine places where you can read EAT LOVE SAVOR

Why Timeless Content?  Creating magazines is hard work, takes skill and time to create good quality, and it never made sense to us that after all that work, what was written, be irrelevant and so easily dated. So we formulated a way of creating editorial and writing that was designed to last and stand the test of time, still relevant years after publishing.  And the magazine layout and appearance so timelessly beautiful you’ll want to keep them on display.

High Quality content and perspective is important to us. We take a different approach to our editorial than most other magazines. Because of our editorial mandate and direction as a leading high end luxury lifestyle magazine, our mission is to educate and inform in the subject matter of luxury and luxury lifestyle. So to meet the needs of our demanding demographic, any content we feature is written by experts in our niche : individuals and companies with a working knowledge of luxury; seasoned experts working for the companies that come in direct contact with HNW and UHNWI because it’s not enough that the content be well written, its about the perspective of the writer and its relevance to the HNW and UHNW customer and their expectations.

Founder, EIC, Publisher, Angela Tunner

Our high quality, informative and entertaining content is generated from our collaboration with luxury industry experts to craft stories, share insights and information for the benefit of our high caliber connoisseur readers, because we are passionate about the subject and providing information and access to that which is of value and adds benefit to their lives.

We are a modern luxury media company and don’t operate in the typical fashion either – no office towers, no full time staff, no 9-5 – our publishing house operates completely on the cloud, negating the need for high overhead and bricks and mortar offices; and frees up the creative powers to work from where they are to allow for a better work/life balance and freedom.

Recognition: EAT LOVE SAVOR® is named on the Top 5 Luxury Magazines (Notable Consideration) a list that includes Bloomberg and listed in the Top 10 Best Sites for Luxury, a list that includes Louis Vuitton and Dolce and Gabbana; Listed as a top luxury lifestyle magazine to follow 2018.


We are not a typical magazine!

EAT LOVE SAVOR® produces two Magazines that Inspire, Inform and Enchant  – One, Online Blog Style. The other, in Print, On-Demand, a Beautiful, Long-lasting Collectible Keepsake, designed like a Book.

eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine testimonial
Testimonial from one of our Connoisseur Readers

Our focus is on luxury as a lifestyle choice and approach to living, and fostering a better understanding of the luxury lexicon – going beyond acquisition.

The online luxury lifestyle magazine offers a wide range of  topics that span your complete luxury lifestyle, to explore.

The luxury print editions are very special indeed! Beyond the ordinary and a delightful experience. As an independent 100% editorial publication and niche media company, free from influence and our print magazines are truly a luxury. Collectible and keepsake with articles that are everlasting, and almost all are only available in print; each edition is filled with valuable information, to inform and enchant; sharing a love of beauty, for living beautifully, with positivity, meaning and purpose in The Art of Living.

Wonderful to read and display – lovely as gifts, and beautiful to display; whether it is in your well appointed homes, on yachts, while traveling in jets, in private clubs, fine offices in lobbies or as gifts to clients, at private events… they have a long shelf life, are a reference, a photo filled escape – you’ll find a very special essence inside and on every page.

PREVIEW : Print Edition

Click to see ‘Delectable’ Edition No 4

Why Read EAT LOVE SAVOR® ? We see luxury through a feminine lens and views the complex notion of luxury as a state of mind and approach to living versus the typical “fast cars and cigars” style magazines with a masculine edge and excesses.

We search the world with an eye for the exquisite to bring to you a world of select fine goods, incredible experiences and places to see, style, fine food, wines, spirits to experience, a high level of elegant living, a look at arts, culture, craftsmanship. Intelligent, informative editorials, interviews, features with a feminine touch all guiding you through a highly curated world of luxury goods, services, and experiences.

Within our pages, the reader finds content that identifies the Zeitgeist of the affluent human experience — travels that expand awareness, cuisine that underscores and heightens the perfectibility of taste, objets d’art that exude singularity, provenance and worth.

We are considered ‘pure’, a ‘rare beauty’ and a best kept secret.


Luxury Print Editions and On-Demand Purchasing

Q – How do I Order EAT LOVE SAVOR® Print Editions?

A – Online, printed on-demand and shipped worldwide. Instead of traditional subscriptions, because our editions are Timeless, evergreen keepsake collectibles, we offer A La Carte ordering like Books. RETAIL ORDERING ON MAGCLOUD –  Print editions are available for purchase without a traditional subscription. Our print partner is MAGCLOUD. There is no minimum or maximum when ordering. Visit the EAT LOVE SAVOR Magcloud storefront to purchase.

Q – Do I need a MagCloud account to order print editions?

A – We encourage you to create a MagCloud account prior to placing any orders so that you can view your order status and access tracking information at any time. With that said, we do not require a Magcloud account to purchase print copies, just make sure you include an email address during checkout where we can send your receipt and any updates on your order. A MagCloud account is required for all digital purchases made on MagCloud.com, and for saving free digital publications to your Digital Library. This allows us to store your digital purchases for reading or downloading in the future. If you would prefer to make a purchase on MagCloud.com without creating a MagCloud account, you will need to remove any digital items from your cart prior to continuing with our checkout process.

eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine testimonial
Testimonial from renown luxury marketing expert

Q – Where do I go to purchase print issues?

A – We have an online storefront where you can preview and purchase from our collection of timeless editions. Visit the EAT LOVE SAVOR® Magcloud storefront to purchase.

Q – Do you offer volume discounts?

A – Yes. Whenever you buy 10 or more print copies, you receive a discount off the printing costs. Single purchase up to 100 copies. Over 100 copies, print costs can be negotiated with MagCloud. We invite Individuals, Corporate and Organizations to purchase our print issues, whether 1 or 100s of copies. Volume discount calculates automatically. Ships worldwide. Volume discount calculates automatically. Ships worldwide. Visit our Magcloud storefront and use the calculator to estimate costs for the editions and numbers you desire.

(Quantity 1 – 9 copiesBase price  / Quantity 10 – 49 copies = Discount 15%  / Quantity 50 – 99 copies  = Discount 20%  / Quantity 100+ copies = Discount 25%)

Q – How can I learn of new releases?

A – SIGN UP: Sign up to become a Registered ReaderRegistered Readers are informed of New Releases and receive special invitations, offers and access to events. For more information or assistance, contact EAT LOVE SAVOR® concierge @eatlovesavor.com


Letter from the Publisher: Love Before Money. Passion and Purpose in Modern Publishing: EAT LOVE SAVOR, A True Luxury Love Story

Published on LinkedIn

Dear Loyal Readers, New Readers, Subscribers, Luxury Lovers, Partners and Friends,

My name is Angela Tunner. I am the Founder, Editor in Chief, Creative Director and Publisher of EAT LOVE SAVOR®. After nearly nine years of publishing our beautiful luxury lifestyle magazines unlike any other and designed for all the tiers of wealth, that have been to date, considered a ‘rare beauty’, ‘pure’ and a best kept secret; details about what inspired its founding and drives what we do and why, has never been shared. And so as we continue to evolve, begin to further emerge to growing numbers, and we reaffirm our mission, I felt now was a good time to share. READ FULL ARTICLE


For questions about about print issues, contact us.

For luxury brands and public relations, request media kit.

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