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We see magazines and luxury lifestyle differently…

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust
Join us on the voyage of discover and let us help you develop new eyes…
EAT LOVE SAVOR® is more than our name, its a Mantra. EAT LOVE SAVOR® is an invitation to embrace the beauty of life.

EAT LOVE SAVOR® International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine is the high end magazine for the discerning individual who seeks out a life filled with elegance, beauty and meaning, who chooses to live life beyond the ordinary. We believe that luxury is a state of mind and approach to living. We bring you the gentler side of true luxury, focused on connoisseurship, appreciation and the ‘Art of Living’.

Rather than taking the usual approach, our magazines are inspired by the desire to be more inspiring, informational, enchanting. Each one is free of advertising, a timeless immersive luxury experience with content relevant years after publication.

Print issues are available for purchase without a traditional subscription. Our readers are invited to sign up to become a Registered Reader, for access to our all of collectable editions.

Discover More About our World. We are an Oasis in which to Immerse Yourself.

EAT LOVE SAVOR® sees luxury through a feminine lens and views the complex notion of luxury as a state of mind and approach to living. We search the world with an eye for the exquisite to bring to you a world of select fine goods, incredible experiences and places to see, style, fine food, wines, spirits to experience, a high level of elegant living, a look at arts, culture, craftsmanship. Within our pages, the reader finds content that identifies the Zeitgeist of the affluent human experience — travels that expand awareness, cuisine that underscores and heightens the perfectibility of taste, objets d’art that exude singularity, provenance and worth. We are considered a best kept secret. See one of our print issues here.

In Print and Online – We are not a typical magazine

Two Magazines that Inspire, Inform and Enchant  – Online Blog Style. Print, On Demand, Keepsake, Book Like and Beautiful

Intelligent, informative editorials, interviews, features with a feminine touch all guiding you through a highly curated world of luxury goods, services, and experiences.

Our online magazine offers a wide range of topics and access free of paywall barrier.

Our luxury print editions are very special, beyond the ordinary and are not your typical magazines. Designed like books and timeless resources, you’ll find very special qualities inside, a love for living beautifully, with positivity, meaning and purpose. Our focus is on luxury is as a lifestyle and approach to living, without being all about acquisition

These are designed to be kept and savored over again. Each issue’s content is still relevant years after release. Each one is filled with evergreen content not found in our online magazine and replete with gorgeous photography.  Access to our entire collection is open to our registered readers, all issues can be purchased at any time, printed on demand and shipped around the world. EAT LOVE SAVOR® is a must-read for the substance craving, beauty seeking, successful, high net-worth individual and aspirational.

Read EAT LOVE SAVOR® in Hotels and Airlines, with our Compliments via our Distributor

Available to read in select 4 and 5 star hotels around the world and on select European airlines, first and business class only . List of where you can read EAT LOVE SAVOR


EAT LOVE SAVOR is named on the Top 5 Luxury Magazines (Notable Consideration) a list that includes Bloomberg and listed in the Top 10 Best Sites for Luxury, a list that includes Louis Vuitton and Dolce and Gabbana; listed as a top luxury lifestyle magazine to follow 2018


Eat love savor… an invitation to embrace the beauty of life in all its manifestations. A welcomed summer breeze in the luxury media world and a window to discover people, places and stories that remind us that besides extraordinary products and services luxury is about being extraordinary; with our own selves, with the others and with the planet. The only path that leads us to the higher meaning of authenticity, uniqueness and wealth. ~ Blanca López, Founding Partner, Les Belles Maison, A global culture company, dedicated to the process of cultural transformation in our society.

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